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This was the best investment I have made for my current GAD/depression/panic attacks.I had been on different meds and 3 mths before this on a stable 300 mg med. and with a therapy counselor and never was I able to get out of my home since May of this year. Until I decided to do whatever it took to get better and not let drs medicate me and not see results like I experienced with this neurofeedback therapy. Wow!!! If I knew about this from day one I came down with this crippling anxiety, I wouldn’t of hesitated to get it. Now sharing short points of my condition, I can tell you that this is AMAZING!!!!!! I had the privilege of having this therapy with me for 1 mth 2 wks. About 2 wks before getting this my mother had passed away, this helped me out so much and didn’t let me get really down depressed as I feared it would bc of my condition. I can tell you within 2 wks of being on once a day session therapy I dosed down my med. from 300 mg - 150 mg. I continued once a day i did probably a full week of 2 times a day, then at the 1 mth 2 wk mark I dosed down to the lowest 75 mg of medication and didn’t do any session the last wk that I had it. I was able to get out of my house able to be passenger in my car and drive my car but driving alone I still need more progress, but this is the best and most greatest progress in just that 1 mth/ 2 wk than I ever did with 3 mths just on medications and counseling. I thank this therapy and god for this amazing turnaround and awesome experience and hopefully continue progressing even more 🙏😁


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