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What does it do ?

This process measures the cortical activity from the scalp and helps a person learn to become relaxed and/or more focused by providing "real time information" as to how their brain is performing. 

How does NF work ?

The neurofeedback process involves the use of a software program, EEG amplifier and Sensors on the head. A brain training system that provides information to the brain about what it has just done, allowing the brain to re-organize itself.  

How often do you do sessions ?

We empower clients to make that decision.

How many sessions do I need ?

Whatever the Client wants and feels they need. NeurOptimal® system is training for the brain not treatment. Some clients have reported seeing shifts within 5 sessions. 

Do people have side effects ?

We do not put anything in nor take anything out, therefore the effects are their journey. Possibly could need Dr. to look at being over-medicated. 

Will it hurt ?

Do results last ?

No. It is 100% non-invasive. Most clients leave a training session feeling relaxed. 

It is a learned process, like learning to read, we can't take that away from you once you know it. 

Is it safe for children and pregnant women ?

Yes. Neurofeedback is FDA approved for stress reduction and has been safely used with children.


Medications may need to be adjusted as your CNS learns to function as it used to, help your Dr. understand the process.

Booster Sessions

If someone has finished sessions they may feel they want to do more from time to time, this can usually help someone feel their best in just a few sessions.

Do sensors fall out during session ?

We can put them back on unless the person is asleep then we won't wake them. 

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