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Neurofeedback Sessions


The process in a training session is very simple. You sit comfortable on a chair or recliner while tiny sensors are attached on your scalp and ears. These sensors record your brain's electrical activity while you listen to music or watch a repeating fractal image or movie. 

During this process NeurOptimal® is communicating with your brain, letting it know what it has just done. 

Your brain simply receives information which it then uses to adjust it's functioning in order to perform optimally. 

A typical session last approximately 35 minutes., during that short time, you are able to relax and listen to music, read or watch a movie...while your brain gets re-booted. 


Non Invasive !

Benefits of Brain Training

  • Sleep patterns change - many times people feel more rested

  • Waking feeling refreshed

  • Restless and Internal frustration may dissipate

  • Many times people are more involved in family and discussions, more communicative

  • Less impulsive

  • Stay focused longer

  • Notice visual and auditory details

  • More energy

  • Improves ability to cope with life's daily challenges

  • Listens better and with intent

  • Less obsessive and compulsive

  • Less distracted

  • Better memory

  • Gain FLEXIBILITY & RESILIENCE to easily make decisions

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